Fuzzgun and Motorcycles

2 Videos for dat-azz! This first one was filmed on location at the (deep breath) 3rd Annual Brooklyn Invitational Custom Motorcycle Show in Brooklyn, NY. I dedicate it to my Pop; he's got a custom bike of his own, you'll see it at the very end! It's the first video I shot with my new Sony Bloggie that I got for my birthday (thanks Boo), so be sure to watch it in HD.

The second video is something I whipped up when I was really digging on some old 16-bit video game music, particularly some old school arcade action a la Knights of the Round, and Aero Fighters II . I was just poking around so I threw those songs together with some anime for some visual splendor. The Akira part works really well and is my favorite. And then I threw in the final boss fight from Sonic 3. Like I said, just playing around. It's fun to upload shit to YouTube without it coming back saying you're infringing on a copyright because of a song.

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