Pop Lockin' Super Sale

NEW Episode of "Dirk Strangely gets Crunk" series, thrown together by yours truly! 

In other news, I'm temporarily relocating to another city for a couple of months and I've made an astounding realization; I have plenty of books, but not enough cash! So, in an effort to transform some of these books into cash I put together a BACK 2 SKOOL sale! Much like the ones that killed our summer mood every August; much like the ones that kill the summer mood of vacationing teachers every August...
Yes! So from now 'til Labor Day you can get ALL 3 of my latest books - Screw Comics #1, Screw Comics #2, & Enchanted by Darkness - plus a 5x7 sketch of your favorite character...ever (go ahead, TRY to stump me), all for $25! That's a $50 value; you know, all the cover prices of the books plus the price of the sketch. Shipping's only $3, for 3 fat books. What a deal! I've only got a handful of Screw #1's left and the Enchanted's are also dwindling so ya gotta ACT NOW or Soon! Ya got until Labor Day!

Tell you what, you can READ some of the stories from Screw Comics on the Facebook page!
If you click LIKE the page you can get reminded of when this sale ends and other cool deals!

One more thing:

Just laid down a cover design for my boy Lee Lawson's FINAL mixtape Nuts, Bolts, & Screws.
It's a 46 track mash-up of song-blends, remixes, screw-downs, and beat loops. Lots of tidbits of interesting shit, and really interesting shit if yer a chronic-smoking underground hip-hop head. I'm listening to it right now. Not bad! You can get it FREE via torrent HERE
I artistically directed LEE LAWSON's website, as well as designed most of his mixtape covers. Peep it HERE.
He even includes some info on how to download torrents. Cool shit, read HERE.
Okay! Get to it!

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