Shek Kin Off the Dust

Once I started playing music about a year ago, one of my art forms simply took a backseat, screen printing! Having not done it in a while I figured it was time to re-up on some a emulsion, new photoflood, and some new images. Here's one, of the late kung fu star Shek Kin and a huge blunt. I happened to document it almost step by step to give you a quick idea of the process, especially for those who are new to skill.
Here's my transparency against the screen I'm gonna burn it into.

After mixing some brand new emulsion, I wiped into the screen, working til it's smooth and even. Yeah, nice and smooth. I let it dry in a dark place for 20 minutes. Then we come down and burn it. The lamp is about 13 and a half inches up, and I left on for seven and a half minutes.

Once the time is up, I take over to the kitchen sink and wash it out, cold water. Over time the lighter, unexposed emulsion comes right out, and you can see through the screen, like so.

I let it dry in front of the fan until it was completely dry. Here's how it looks back on the table.

I prepped a small canvas I had standing around, and threw down some silver for some contrast. After that I masked the screen around certain edges, layed it on the canvas and ran the ink. Viola!
I also ran the image over a new sketchbook I bought and have yet to fill. Then I immediately rinsed out the screen and let the pieces dry. That's it. With all the drying and waiting it took a couple of hours from start to finish.

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