The Elusive

Surprise visit from my friend this past weekend who was making his way across the country, and this way by New Orleans where he worked for rent and food and carried everything he needs in one of those recyclable grocery bags. And before you start jumping down my throat about this picture of Anne Haddaway or whatever and the dork she's walking the streets with, let me just say that I'm posting this pic for emphasis. I was digging around in the digital realms online and came across this picture when I stumbled upon an online celeb gossip rag. It's not the people that caught my eye but the background. Right there in the upper right hand corner, in the stark contrast of black and grey is a scrawled name Percy Feils. I thought this was sooooo magnificent! That's not a retouched tagged photo, actually graffiti on the wall, my friends pen name cut into a paparazzi shot for all the world to see and only a select few to notice. So I saved the photos for a good time to show him. Need less to say he was thrilled to see 'em.
During his brief stay in the H, we gorged ourselves on barbeque, downed Jameson whiskey on the rocks, drank delicious Texas beer and listened to some terrific local bands at the Continental Club, took in some fine art at the Menil, and just shot the shit about our experiences growing up during the decade since we first met way back at our first year in college in Oakland.
Even though it was brief, it was great having ya here, man. Too bad they confiscated your whiskey at the security check at the Greyhound station.
Interested in old buildings and architecture, Percy snapped this flick an old theater on OST, right in the south side. If ya click and zoom in you'll see his stamp of approval on the white wall. 

And some candid shots. Remember, this guy's been making his way across the country. I'm sure staying alive trumps fashion on his list of priorities. Being an artist himself, Percy thought it was refreshing to get back to simple living, and I couldn't agree more. Thanks for the kick in the bum to get to creating again. See ya soon! Meanwhile check out his art here at percyfeils.com and the more current photo blog and what not here at LaresAndPenants.

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