....cuz You Just Can't!

New sketches from my blackbook:
This one came out of nowhere. I guess i just wanted to draw a lil' punk ass kid like Edward Furlong's John Connor from Terminator 2. It turned out to be a sketch from one of my favorite scenes. And then I thought, what if I made an entire book of sketches of my favorite scenes from my favorite movies? That would be an awesome book. Agree? If you do, click on the Comic Store button and buy a comic, that way I know any book I put out is a viable commodity.
Check it out! Among some of the con sketches I did, here are some from my book; Con People! Are you among the crowd?

And no, there wasn't a giant pair o' balls rolling around rampant, just thought I would create a logo to promote the importance of nard hygiene. If anybody can get me a bear hat like the one on the chick in the middle they will have my vote in the 2012 Presidential race. But no Anime ear hats please. I cannot stress that enough.
Gotta bizzy weekend ahead of me, and after that a bizzy week. Ah well, I complain about being bored all time, so let's do this.

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