Bee Stingers

Here's a funny one pager I stumbled upon in my stack. It explains the tequila bottle full of dead wasps that sits atop my fridge. From the perspective of an innocent wasp that just happens to make his way into my house and can't figure out how to get out. I always thought that the last five were just search sentries out looking for the first that got lost. They kept sending "their best men" to find the missing only to never return. And they sit atop my fridge, where they became the amusing story I tell today. And, no, I didn't wanna post a pic of the said jar. You'll just have to come over and see the shit for yourself.


  1. Hahahah! I wanna read more shit like THIS!!! btw, did the bee land on something hot? What happened to the bee?

  2. He basically landed on the arm of my couch, which is right at the window in the sun. Then his ass got scooped into the bottle!


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