Wait, it was Friday the 13th?

Holy Fuck! How come nobody reminded me it was Friday the 13th? If they did I woulda totally freaked out and not done anything fun today. But since I had no idea, and my not noticing the date on my phone right by the clock (which serves as my watch, no less!) I had no idea it was a superstitious day! The quintessential of superstitious days. Is there any other superstitious day? But seriously, it's not like I would have freaked out or anything, I'm not superstitious. Hell, I'm not even religious, which it would take a bit of some the latter to fill out the former. But I can't help but thinking if and how I would've treated the day having known otherwise. I probably wouldn't have had much fun. Sheeeit..today, I had lunch on a patio, then went to the the zoo, then went went crate digging at this local vinyl store right there in second ward. Talk about a fun filled day, even with just the zoo alone. If I would have known otherwise perhaps I would have been looking for slip-ups, bad omens or even glitches within the matrix. Although I said I wasn't superstitious, I have to admit it was a bit thrilling fathoming the thought that one misstep on a hairline fracture upon a sidewalk could shatter your mother's spinal column walking to music class in the 3rd grade (Step on a crack and you break yer mother's back). I understood that wouldn't happen but still I had to watch where I stepped just in case. So nowadays, that's exactly what superstitions are to me today; just a reason to party on a certain day because it is a certain day. That and you can make superstitious people uncomfortable by reminding them to be careful of black cats, walking under ladders, and that lil' guy in the red suit with a pitchfork. In other words, it's a day just like any other day. That's what it felt like to me!

UPDATE: At the vinyl store I scored two 45s; a Mudhoney one, and an ultra rare Tad 'Jack Pepsi' single. Unfortunately, it didn't have the cover to it, the one that appropriated the Pespi logo to say 'Tad' that resulted in a lawsuit. Also, ironically enough, this is my 13th post.

Bake to this on repeat.

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