Spider-Man's Deadliest Foe

Here's my latest music vid. Combining my two favorite things: Spider-man and Nirvana's music. I've been diggin' on Spider-man lately, ever since I got this comic reader installed on my laptop. I hit up a site and made a few downloads and the next thing I knew I was hooked on old back issues of Claremont's X-men, as well as Romita's Sr. Amazing Spider-man. Really digging Romita Sr.'s art. Also with the comic reader I'm able to export pages, allowing me to make snippets of the old school gag ads or  interesting panels. One of which makes for the Toonzday title card at the end of the vid.
What made me want to do this video stems from reading those old Spidey back issues. Peter Parker attends college, gets his own place, gets a motorcycle, and is caught in this flirting triangle with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson. I've caught myself really rooting for Pete to get some play with either one, even so much as exclaiming out loud "Diss!" after witnessing Peter getting shot down by a hot blonde or a fiery red head. It's the dilemma of Peter Parker; if he could only explain that HE was Spider-man, then that would clear up the flaky behavior, and the illusion that he doesn't care. That's what I like about this song. I think it captures that angsty feeling of being around somebody new, someone you could possibly care about, someone you would love to tell your secret to. The kind of situation where if you pursued her too hard, too fast, or if you revealed too much too soon she would run. That's a lotta too's.

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  1. This is awesome! I loved the video, and your a great writer too! Keep it up my friend!


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