Get Sunny

More Sunnyland from the archives! I know what yer thinking; "When is he gonna start posting new comics? All these strips are dated 2007 and such." Well, good question. All these 'From the Archive' posts are as much a refresher for you as they are for me. It seems like I've been away from working on these fun, short strips and that I myself must get reacquainted with the characters and scenarios all over again. Plus, (and I'm sure other comic creators will agree) it's fun to create comics, post 'em, forget about 'em, and then come back to 'em just to be blown away by your own creation. Not only that, but these archived strips serve to familiarize the new audiences with my world and my characters. I thought you woulda figured that out by now.

Next up, Rob and his appointment:

Rob and Shelly head for the cinema, online to have an anti-piracy yes-man get in the way. You can tell this one's dated by the mentioning of Bush. Although, has much changed since then?

This next one is for the old school gamers. What fun!


Last one for today shows the trouble with tropical storms. Currently, there's a drought here in Houston so I think this is something we all look forward to right about now!
'Til Next time!

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