Bunny Chasers

Dallas Comic Con '011 was fun. Let me rephrase that...extremely fun. Mainly cuz I was just hanging out with one of my bestest friends, Dirk Strangely and his wife, who has become a good friend as well. It was 2 days filled with fat-ass comic nerds, road trip munchies, bunny chasing (yes, we chased a bunny outside our hotel room, triangulated on his cute lil' ass), vintage comics, Stan Lee autographs, live art, drive-in movie watching, and monotonous suburban navigating, all within the confines of a slick black minivan aptly named Gary.

Here's some sketches I whipped out a my table, and among the plethora of other original work I'll be peddling this weekend at Comicpalooza!

Cuz Dirk dared me.
Baxter Stockman, with his prey of the evening.

Just Jokin' - The Joker in a hoppin' '64 Impala henchmen car shooting down the bat plane.
Super-Pissed Wolvie
And among Dirk's weird piece at the live art show, for the unusual character choice in this Mr. Burns-channeling, air-guitar-playing depiction of the Vulture.
And isn't this a lovely piece? Happened to snag a copy after seeing it in my comic reader. Turns out it's Mary Jane's first appearance on a cover. And I got it signed my none other than Mr. Excelsior himself. What a weekend. My friends came in from outta town and are staying with me here for the next week, to Comicpalooza. See ya there!

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  1. The day we chased the bunny is a day I will remember as one of my favorite days of my life! No joke!


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