For the Homies

The updated version of the latest flyer in the Jerry Vision Campaign. Click it to get up close and see the detail!
When Jerry came through and told me the concept, I conjured up images of the Homies characters concocted by barrio legend David Gonzales. Usually when we get down in a brain storm session to we spend hours tossing ideas about possible comedy show concepts, catchy phrases, and silly images. But this show idea came pretty straight forward, and the layout and art followed suite as well. Do a Homies image search and see if you can spot the image I parodied!
Ahh, the very second post in my NEW place. Just playing with it and getting a feel for it and what not. So far I'm really digging the input formats and the simplicity of everything on this Blogger site. I'm used to doing everything the long way; uploading, HTML coding, testing the links and the whole site...enough! Not only that but this site is ideal because it links my youtube, gmail, and other blogs I follow up in one spot. So, this is the very second post in many more to come!

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  1. This flyer looks great! Thanks for sharing this! If you have time, drop by my painting blog. Thanks!...Daniel


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