Creator of Screw Comics & Sunnyland. Illustrator of Mr. Demon & Gorvani's Reign (Shotgun Blast Comics), S.H.R.E.W. (short, Red Stylo Media), Nyx@Nite (indie creator),  Billy the Monster Hunter (Scare Tactix Graphix) and Enchanted by Darkness (indie creator).

Born, raised, and residing in the East End of Houston, ______ has been producing art for the last 28 years. Much of his work includes painting, illustration, vector graphics, and time-based mediums such as animation, videos, and comic books.
Yes, comic books. Sci-fi, fantasy, boring reality, and biting social commentary come together with his pretty pictures to make up his comic stories. He’s produced over 12 different books over the last decade. His latest title is Screw Comics! With a constant finger on the pulse of society and his surroundings, ______ is here to question what’s going on and challenge what’s stupid and wrong. Hopefully he’ll challenge the way you see YOUR reality as well.

That last paragraph was a bio for the websites of comic shows I do and what not, copy and paste.

I've been a comic DIYer for the last decade, putting out 9 issues of my own comics entitled Chingazo and Milqtoast Comics presents... until working my way up to the perfect bound pages of Screw Comics. Not only my own stuff, but I also draw and print other people's comic and book projects as well. I'm well-versed in Adobe Photoshop, as well as dabbler in Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, and teaching myself InDesign so I could layout my newer books.
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Houston, and I'm a freelance artist in the Houston area, serving clients both public and private. I've worn the hat as Artistic Director for Primeway Credit Union's latest media campaign, as well as a Technical Illustrator, outlining plans for new oil-drilling machinery for certain major companies here in Houston.
At University of Houston (UH) I had a running strip entitled Sunnyland in the newspaper The Daily Cougar, Houston's second most-circulated daily newspaper. It ran for 3 and half years, with a new strip everyday for 5 days a week during the normal semesters, and twice a week during summer. I have yet to compile all those comics into a collection.
I also dabble in videography and video editing with Sony Vegas Pro. It goes along with my fascination with time-based sequential storytelling. I have a myriad of silly/funny/strange videos (some NSFW) on YouTube. If you have 5 minutes you should click over and subscribe.

Drop me a line, commission me for some cool art, or get me to write/draw yer comic idea: toonzday(at)gmail.com