Supreme Clientelle

Here are select pieces I've done for various clients from the last few years. Many are flyers, illustrations, & business card layouts, as well as some animation, video editing, and web design.
Each piece is property of their respective owners.

Summer and Autumn 2013 I was the Artistic Director for Primeway Credit Union's latest campaign, The Financial Freedom Fighters. I oversaw character design, illustration, animation and video editing. I pretty much came up with the characters (based on employee likenesses) and produced 10 different cartoon animations for each, as well as graphics for print media and website. Each cartoon will be released every so often so check back to see what's new! Click the superhero to see the site.

Illustration for Putinweez Kegworks. This illustration will be used on business cards, labels and banners.

2 comic books I helped create: from a script and concept art to a 24 page book, penciled, inked, lettered, laid-out for print by me.

click HERE to see the interior work.

click HERE to see the interior work.

 a Kickstarter video I produced: audio, drawings, and editing.
watch in HD

a comic I helped create: from a written script and concept art to a full-sized 24 page comic, penciled, inked, lettered, and laid-out out for print by me. Here's the cover.

click HERE to see the interior art.


 Sample of a 20 minute cartoon I did for a client.

Here are links to 3 websites I designed.

Home of the $100 business-card-while-you-wait deal!

Flyer design: Art show I was a part of last year.

Design for a golf bag, private client.

Logo for a comic book series.

Flyer for a writer and his tour.

Really quick drawing/design for a label for a micro brewery.

And of course, the last year and a half I teamed up with local comedian Jerry 'El Chicano' Carrillo to produce numerous flyers for his comedy shows. The flyers are combinations of our ideas and wordings; he comes up a title and/or a theme and we work on the idea behind it visually, conceptually, and literally.  Here are a few of the ideas we produced, in chronological order:
Breaking In